2017-18 Credentials Scholarship Opportunities

Do you need financial assistance to potentially earn an IFMA credentials designation in the near future? Denver Chapter of IFMA members are eligible for this scholarship at the local level. When a financial need exists, such as when an employer will not pay for continuing education or if another type of personal hardship exists, this scholarship can cover that gap. The application period is from July 21st through October 31st.  The scholarship(s) will be awarded on November 5, 2017. If awarded, the scholarship applies to one of the three credentials (FMP, SFP or the CFM review workshops) sponsored by the Denver Chapter of IFMA. The CFM exam itself is outsourced and the cost for the exam cannot be included in the scholarship. The dates of each course are posted on the application. All questions about the workshops should be directed to the Denver Chapter of IFMA Education Committee or viewed on the Chapter’s web site. The link for this short and simplified scholarship application is located on the Member Center tab. You need to sign in to get the forms page where the application is available under forms. It is highly suggested not to wait until close to the deadline to either obtain, complete or submit an application just in case there is any type of complication. CLICK HERE to apply.





The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) was founded in 1980. Today it is the world's largest and most widely recognized international association for facility management professionals. The Denver Chapter of IFMA was founded two years later in 1982, making it one of the original chapters since IFMA was established. Since the chapter was established, it has been the largest chapter in the state of Colorado and ranks within the twelve largest chapters in the world. In the past decade, the chapter has won numerous IFMA's Awards of Excellence as a large chapter to include: 2007 Website, 2008 Membership, 2008 Professional Development, 2009 Large Chapter of the Year, 2010 Newsletter, 2011 Website, 2011 Membership, and 2014 Professional Development. The awards reflect the chapter's commitment to IFMA's mission of "globally advance and support the practice of the facility management profession".

Annually the chapter reviews and updates its Strategic Plan to ensure it is matched with IFMA's Strategic Road Map. Learn more on the chapter's Strategic Plan



The Benefits of Membership

Chapter members gain instant credibility by using the IFMA brand and by becoming part of IFMA’s 8th largest chapter community of facility management and associate professionals. The Denver Chapter of IFMA is Colorado’s leader in the state that wants to put our professional development, networking and support in your hands!

By joining the local chapter gives you outstanding opportunities to local networking with colleagues, luncheon seminars, social events to include facility tours and workshops, employment referrals, on-site FM credentials courses, community services events, and joining chapter committees and serving in a chapter leadership position.

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World Workplace Sponsorship

Applications due by Aug. 15, 2017

Every wondered about IFMA's World Workplace? The Denver Chapter of IFMA every year offers opportunities for members to attend this annual event. World Workplace is the most all-encompassing learning and networking event on facilities and how to manage them. Immerse yourself in all things FM — from groundbreaking discoveries impacting the industry, to achievable strategies for your daily to-do list. Discover a new way to do it, a different place to source it, a cool tool to fix it or an action plan to solve it. Whatever your “it” is, pursue, perfect or attain it at World Workplace.

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